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This is no ordinary diaper balm. Packed with rich cocoa butter, it forms a powerful barrier to protect your baby's delicate skin. It's free from dilution with water, ensuring your baby gets the full benefits of its organic, food-grade, nutrient-rich ingredients. Handcrafted and buttery, this gentle, vegan blend of thick, skin superfood is designed to pamper, nourish, and shield your baby's sensitive bottom. Applied to warm, dry skin, it melts and easily spreads, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple, while enveloped in naturally occurring warm, sweet notes of creamy cocoa and coconut. Cloth diaper safe.
Ideal for baby's delicate skin, children, and adults alike, this versatile barrier balm can be used on any sensitive area.
SUGGESTED USE: Gently apply to your baby's clean, dry bottom. Use generously and as often as needed with each diaper change, after a bath, and especially at bedtime. In cooler temperatures, use your finger or nail to lift the desired amount from the jar. Place against your baby's warm skin to melt, then spread gently.
The containers for our 60 gram (g) and 120 gram (g) baby balms are made of food safe, BPA-free, white polypropylene (PP) plastic #5. The lids for both sized containers are made of white polypropylene (PP) plastic #5, are lined so our baby balms stay fresher longer, and have ribbed edges for better grip when handling.
The packaging for our 200 gram (g) baby balm refill is food safe and made of multiple layers of polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), and polyethylene (PE) plastics.
We believe the choice of packaging is important because it can potentially impact your baby's health and our planet. We want to be transparent about what our packaging is to help you make an informed decision. Our baby balms were initially sold in opaque glass. After learning glass is not accepted at many child care facilities because it can shatter, causing potential harm and injury, we searched for earth-friendly alternatives that would meet their criteria, and ours. Currently, we package our emollients in the safest plastics possible, and attempt to minimize packaging where we can. The food safe stand up resealable pouch (of our 200 gram (g) baby balm refill) requires less resources and fewer raw materials to produce than other common types of packaging. It is lightweight and occupies less space which helps reduce its carbon footprint during transportation and produces less waste upon disposal. We continue to actively seek earth-friendly alternatives that meet our strict criteria. Please store all plastics in a cool place and reuse and/or recycle whenever possible.

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