Our BABY collection is our homage to your unique journey of parenthood, and to the beauty, wisdom, and strength of your mama bear spirit. We know you love deeply, and endeavor to nurture, serve, and protect your baby with your whole heart.
Promoting your baby’s well-being is paramount; caring for your baby’s developing, delicate skin is an integral element. We believe this involves preserving, safeguarding, and enhancing your baby’s skin with gentle baby skin emollients. Emollients smooth and soften skin, promote hydration, and help keep your baby’s skin supple. Supple skin is happy, glowy skin.
Skin is your baby’s largest organ. It functions as a dynamic barrier but can absorb some amount of what’s topically applied, so certain substances on your baby’s skin may find their way inside your baby’s body. When your baby mouths, for instance, this is very likely. We are conscious that what is deliberately applied to your baby’s skin has the potential to impact your baby’s body and well-being. This influences every decision we make at Cocoa LaBear.
Every batch is thoughtfully formulated and handmade for your baby. Our baby skin emollients and soaps are made from scratch with fresh ingredients that arrive in our kitchen safe to ingest. They are comprised of clean, nutrient-rich, plant-based natural butters and oils. Our raw ingredients are exclusively vegan, organic, food grade, sustainably grown, and ethically harvested.
We celebrate you. Thank you for having the courage to care deeply, and do the extraordinary work of parenting. The gift of your love is a powerful magic that makes our world better.
xo, Cocoa LaBear