As an infant, his seeking hands worked their way up, and out of a swaddle wrap, to rest on his cheeks for comfort while he slept. While awake, his tiny hands and feet would find their way into his mouth. Born a preemie, his largest organ, his skin, was not fully developed. It was physiologically fragile and thin. It was sensitive to irritants. Chemicals and other substances found in certain topical preparations, when repeatedly applied to his delicate skin, would turn his skin an angry red with dry, bumpy patches. These same chemicals found their way into his body via skin absorption and because he unknowingly sucked them in.
This precious infant was our firstborn. While this chapter of his story is actually chock-full of joy, it definitely includes dollops of parental stress and worry. We realized then that what we deliberately put on our son's skin mattered. It was as important as the foods we fed him. How we went about caring for his skin and microbiome up to that point, needed to change.
We carefully read product ingredient labels. We searched for what his special skin and body needed: gentle, effective products made with organic ingredients safe enough to ingest, that would help support, protect, and nourish sensitive infant skin.
When these products couldn't be found, we delved into the study and art of handcrafting them from scratch. What resulted worked so remarkably well for our first baby, and for our second baby too.
Cocoa LaBear was born from our desire to create a health-conscious, trustworthy, and inspiring place for you to find everything you need to nurture your baby's well-being and care for sensitive skin. Our philosophy is that each ingredient in your baby skin care product is vegan, organic, and food grade. May you discover the wonder and benefit of our baby-skin-loving creations.

xo, M Mountainbear LaRance